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Boiler burned Fabric-waste

Boiler type Horizontal boiler, 2 levels of furnace, water tube – smoke tube - fired tube.
Design capacity < 03 tons.steam/hr
Design pressure < 15 bar
Steam out Satuarated steam or Superheater steam
Efficiency > 85%
Design power 5,5 kW/ton.steam
Power consumtion < 4kW/ton/steam
Area of boiler house (in cluding fuel storage) 50 m2 for boiler 01 ton
100 m2 for boiler 03 tons
Fuel Fabric waste, shell nuts, sawdust, wood pellets
Control system Full Automatic
Flue gas
  • Meet environmental standard QCVN 30:2012/BTNMT
  • Flue gas is no colour
  • 100% ash recovery
Suitable Customers Textile Customers

mission of dinh viet

Dinh Viet Energy Ltd., Co is striving to become the leading enterprise in boiler industry in Vietnam in 2020.

We pledge to our customers that we will offer the best quality and convenience products with a reasonable price.

Our company was founded in 2011, with the corporate philosophy "Keeping professional ethics, always creative, always improve the product, always learn to improve service quality and not losing product quality". This philosophy will be a guideline that makes Dinh Viet Energy Ltd., Co stronger and become one of the top companies in area.

Determining to implement the slogan "Giving Quality – Creating Convenience – Receiving Success", we believe that our products will bring to our customers physically and mentally practical experience.

With key strength is the high performance, energy saving and eco-friendly product lines, Dinh Viet Energy Ltd., Co confidently brings customers products which can help saving at least 15% of heat production cost

The mainstream products/services:
1. High-performance boiler, combustion fuel diversity, cost saving, simple operation, convenient repair and maintenance, and environmentally friendly.
2. High-performance thermal oil boiler, fuel-burning variety, cost saving, simple operation, convenient repair and maintenance, and environmentally friendly.
3. Fish powder/ wood pulp and other kinds of residue drying machine
4. Industrial steam service: semi-steam service, semi-heat service in latex drying, contracted boiler operation service
5. Supplying industrial materials, industrial steam equipment and pressure equipment

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